About Bernadette Burnette                        
Bernadette has been Line Dancing for over 20 years (since 1993).  Teaching and choreographing for
13 (since 2000) years. She formerly danced with 3 dance groups in Philadelphia’s Tri-State area.
Those groups were The Dave Bush Performers which was headed up by the “Godfather” of Line
Dance in Philadelphia, Pa., Mr. Dave Bush himself, Tri-State Elite, and her very own group called
Sista’ Shades of Soul, a.k.a. Double SOS which disbanded in March of 2007 and a year later, March of
2008 she came up with the name and concept of Dance AZ 1 a.k.a. DAO, which is not a specific dance
group but a universal gathering of mankind who believe in unity, respect, peace and have a love and
passion for the art of dance & music....to DANCE AZ 1 :>). , which the logo reflects her vision....peace
sign for peace, music note for the love of music/dance, and mankind (woman & man) coming together
as 1 on the dance floor. Dance AZ 1 consists of both a Universal (everyone, anyone across the nation
who believes and exemplifies DAO's main purpose) and Performance/Showcase group.

In the year 2001 she created her first line dance called “B&D's Groove” to Cheryl Lynn’s “Got to Be
Real”.  In 2002, she came out her classic, signature line dance “Vicious”. Thereafter, she just kept
the dances flowing with classics such as “Get It Right”, Sexy B, TT’s Jam which was named after her
daughter TAira (who also had a part in creating) and Universal Cha-Cha. 2007 to the present she
came out with La La Boomba (Freaky In Da Club-R.Kelly), No Mercy (I, Love-J-Lo), B2h (XR2-M.I.A.),
Liso’ (City, Country, City-War), B-Luv (Slo Love Remix-Janet Jackson)  and Act Like You Know
(Ain’t Leaving Without You-Jaheim)  that swept like wildfire and are still going strong. And list goes
on and on. She has also been fortunate to create line dances to original music such as Participation
(Nu Motion Klique, Norristown, Pa, 2004), Philly Shuffle (Philly’s very own line dance),Work, and
Geddy Up (BOMBZ Musik Entertainment, Detroit, MI, 2010)
, Slow Ya Roll, Tonya Ni (2013), Solid,
Dial Tone TP (2013) Tony "Tee" Tatum "Step Out" (2013)
and to date she has created over 400+
dances with more to come!
In 2003, she became a featured dancer for a local cable hit Line Dance television show called "Soul
Line" (Bob Thomas, Executive Producer of Urban Channel Networks) where most of her dances were
premiered each and every week.  She also danced on the television shows "Soul Line Revue" and
"Let's Dance" and in 2011 she became a member/dancer/lead choreographer of the up and coming
gospel group "c.b.G"
In 2008 she received her first acknowledgement after 10 years as a choreographer from Karen Grady
(PA) with a plaque for "Outstanding Choreographer" and Choreographer Award from I Am Kenny J
Productions (NJ). In 2009 she received "Choreographer of 100+ Dances" trophy from Union Crew
(MD) & 1st Lady Of Soul Legendary Choreographer and Keeper Of The Culture Award from South
Carolina Classic Soul Line Dance (SC). In 2010 she won "Choreographer Of The Year/Most Popular
Philadelphia Region R&B Soul Line Dance" plaque for her dance "Act Like You Know" from I Am
Kenny J Productions and "Outstanding Choreographer & Instructor" trophy from South Carolina
Classic Soul Line Dance (SC). In 2011 she received the "2010 Out Of State"Award for the best
choreographed dance in the Tri-State area for "Act Like You Know" and UC Performance plaque
(with the help of Dance AZ  1 both the  performance & universal group) from Union Crew (MD).

She truly feels lucky to be blessed from the man above with the talent, skill and ability to dance,
choreograph, and teach the way she does.  And also appreciates her family, true friends, Soul
Line/Soul Line Revue and Let's Dance who  have wholeheartedly supported her in the past and
continues to support her.

You never know where you will find her, but you can guarantee she is always somewhere dancing and