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***I am available for 4/6/8 week sessions , special workshop
sessions & create choreography to any song of your choice. Call
610-574-5456 for more information.

Instructional DVD's!!!

DVD #1 Liso' & B2h along with 3-6-9, Double SOS, GoTee and
Sexy B.

DVD #2 Philly Shuffle, Rude Boy, Let 'Em, and B-Luv, Act
Like You Know, and TT's Jam.  

DVD #3 Show Out, Dance Or Go, Toast It Up and Just 4 U,
The JC's and No Mercy.

DVD #4 Hello Good Morning, Too Hot 2Handle, and Gotta
Dance, R&B Hunger/Mix, Vicious and Participation.

DVD #5 Mighty Boppin' #66, 3-6-9 II, Universal Cha Cha,
Let's Step, Jump Jump and Your Move.

DVD #6 Save', Rock Hard, Bang Bang, Jazz & Beats, Teena's
Groove (Tribute to Teena Marie) and Stomp It Out.  

DVD #7 Let's Get It Poppin', Say Who, I Shine, House It Up,
Keep Moving, Anything and Bonus dance Pon de Tee.

DVD #8 Movin' Smoov, BC Step, Entice, Him 4 Me, Rhythm
Of U & Me, Do Your Thang and Bonus dance Game Time  

Special Edition #1 DVD Ez Steppin', All I Know, B.E. Ez

DVD #9 Caught The Bug (tribute dance to the late Mckinley
"Bug" William of Frankie Berverly & Maze), Do Your Dance,
That Lovin', Level 322, Want You To Know, Share My Life.

DVD #10 Rock Wit Us, Let's Stay, B&T's Jam, Tear It Up,
Special Delivery, 'Tis The Season (Holiday Dance)

DVD #11 Adore, Philly Slide, You, GoTee, Come Feel This,
Blazin’, Put It Down (Bonus Dance)

DVD #12 7x’s Smooth, Ooh Ahh, Set It Off, Lose Control, The
Show, Something About The Music, Why Don’t We (Bonus
Dance) & Just Say (Bonus Dance)

DVD #13 , LaLa Boomba, Livin’ Single, Rollin’ With KPB, Nice
& Slow (Bonus Dance)

Multiple DVD purchase (email for shipping quote **based on
number of DVD's purchased)

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